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We are the most trusted and reliable online shopping portals dealing with a wide and extensive range of consumer durables and other electronical and home furnishing products. We believe that specialization leads to a greater level of quality in products and an increased level of customer satisfaction in terms of price, option and customer service.


We provide products from the best brands and with original warranty for the product purchased. The major hitch that a customer might face while purchasing an electronic product might be the problem of installation. In order to overcome this problem and to serve our customers better, we have a technically sound team that accompanies during the delivery of the product and helps the customers in the installation process. The customer is given the option to choose the date and time they would prefer for the installation process.


We remain to be the most reputed online site that has been in the market since 10 years and we have built a strong satisfied customer base. The quality of the product and the level of pre and post sales service we offer to our customers speak volumes of our concern towards our customers.


We even have a separate interior designing team that helps people in designing their homes and we offer valid suggestions and consultations about the placement of the products and other home furnishing products that would enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of their home. For this we have a virtual setup where the customers can have a live video chat with our experts.


We also roll out seasonal promotional offers and special preview sale exclusively for our loyal customers. This creates a special bondage between our customers and us and has also helped us maintain a leadership position in the market.

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